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Brand Story
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North Mountain Naturals is the second iteration of my beloved little handmade business. It all started in 2014 with my creative impulses and an interest in natural living. I started making my own soap, then candles followed. Soon I was selling my goods on Etsy under the name The Humble Soaper. Within a year I had my first wholesale account, and it grew from there.


The transition into North Mountain Naturals happened in 2020. My creative passions and interests organically grew right along with major personal growth that had taken place over the couple of years prior. My perspective on things had changed, and so my creative work changed along with it.


For the better part of a decade I was vegetarian and vegan, as were my soaps. Throughout all the years I refrained from animal products, more and more health problems piled up. Through all of it, I was adamant that my diet was in no way responsible for my debilitating and scary health issues. To make a long story short, after many years of blaming everything else I possibly could, I finally accepted the reality that my diet was making me sick, and thank God I did.


This whole experience lead me to the truth of the vital importance of high quality animal foods in my diet. I became particularly fascinated with traditional preparations of nourishing animal fats such as lard and beef tallow. I began researching and experimenting with these animal fats, not only in my diet, but in my skin care products. Turns out, they are just as wondrous on the body as they are in the body! Visit the Ingredients page to learn more.


Human beings have an incredibly rich history of sustainable and ethical livestock farming practices, much of which has sadly been lost to the fast-paced, city-dwelling, technology-oriented society of today. I believe, now more than ever, it’s important to slow down and revisit the traditional wisdom of our ancestors in order to regain as much of this vital knowledge as possible. Homesteading, here I come!


Through my handmade products, I hope to share with you my passion and love for these nourishing traditional preparations and bring them back to life. Thank you for being here!

~ Stephanie

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